Hunting Night blurb!

I’m excited to share the blurb for Hunting Night, coming in December:

Lily has been the Shattered City’s most dangerous prisoner for almost her entire life. The werewolf Ian is one of her jailers, a member of the City’s elite Guardians. She wants out, and it’s his job to keep her confined.

But now these natural enemies are on the run together, fighting their attraction to one another even as they flee an army of demons—demons who must not capture her at any cost. Lily is the last vampire in the world, and the demons would use her blood to create an unending vampire horde.

Lily will do anything to keep her cursed species from rising again, even put her trust in Ian. And to save the City he loves, and keep Lily from eternal enslavement, Ian would lay down his life.

Hunting Night is a 70,000 word paranormal romance, and available for pre-order on Amazon now:

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